11 March 2013


Well, after three and a bit weeks on tour, I was pretty exhausted and couldn’t wait to hang up my sporran again - at home!  Even then, I couldn’t really rest until I’d done the final ‘wash-up’ - invoices, figures from box-offices etc., and solved any ‘niggly bits’ that were on my mind, so that I could sleep properly.  All is well now, and I’ll certainly sleep tonight - fingers Xsd!

I’ve always said that I’d tell you the truth as to how our shows go and wish that I could say that we had a ‘disaster’ but that - that WOULD be a LIE!!  Yes, folks, yet again our show was a smash hit out of all the thirteen theatres that we played.  We should have done fourteen venues, but the show in Mayborough had to be cancelled due to floods that virtually cut off The Brolga Theatre (and M’bro) from civilisation for three days - you probably saw the television reports on it - some friends in the UK saw them!  We played to, in general, good business everywhere.  It ranged from good-sized audiences to excellent, to FANTASTIC with a number of SRO (sold right out) performances with two venues which played to 105% and 110% of capacity - they brought in additional seating and were given the option of sitting on ‘chairs’ rather than in a plush theatre seat.  The punters snapped them up and, needless to say, there were no complaints!!

It was an absolute joy to be working with international accordionist John MacDonald again.  We had worked together for about 10/12 years previously and he certainly has not lost his magic touch.  In fact, in my not-so-humble opinion, John is better than ever and ‘brought the house down’ everywhere that we appeared - great stuff, Johnno!!  Please see attached photo hereunder.

Until next time, cheers for now!