8 August 2011 Contd.

Then Tabitha, another of the golden girls, asked if I was feeling OK, as I apparently looked awful - white, grey, yellow in the old dial (it’s amazing the different colours you go when having a heart attack) - and it was kind of obvious that things weren’t too good with me.  Tabby(sounds like a cat!!) insisted on calling an ambulance - against my wishes - and I’m glad now that she did.  The girls (there are six staff) laid me down on the wooden floor and one of them sat on the floor beside me, applying cold compresses on my face and neck until TWO ambulances arrived - one had two ambulance officers and the other the main paramedic, who went to work on me and then radioed ahead to the brilliant Gold Coast Hospital, updating the situation.

To cut to the chase - my heart was beating at slightly under 300 beats a minute (normally between 75 and 95) and there were four doctors trying to bring things back to normal with all manner of things, which included the dramatic “Stand back folks” as the “paddles” are applied!!

The Cardiologist was absolutely APPALLED, three days later, when I said I HAD to get out of hospital as I had three concerts to do at Rockhampton, Gladstone and Bundaberg - a round trip of approximately 2,000 kms, starting on the Monday, after the Friday collapse!  I didn’t want to waste the $25.00 haircut!!!  And that’s where this story started - at the hairdresser’s!

Just to tie this blog together - I’m having more tests to decide whether they put a Pacemaker or a Defibrillator in my chest OR if medication will do the trick (I have a feeling Option 2 will be their choice) and it will be good to get back to feeling good again in time for concerts at the huge Twin Towns Club on 24 August, Ipswich Civic Theatre and my old stamping ground - The Burdekin Theatre in Ayr.


Linda says:  Please look after YOURSELF, Billy!

12 August 2011