20 October 2012

Hello Chums!  Sorry I haven’t blogged for quite some time but to be very honest I haven’t been too good healthwise and I’m not going into THAT again, as I’m fed up to the teeth with myself!!  So - it’s on with the FUTURE now that the Doctors/Surgeons have said that I can go back to work … greaaat!

Needless to say, it hasn’t been too easy convincing various agents and managers etc. (especially ones that don’t know me as well as others) that I wouldn’t “snuff it” before I got to their venue - they don’t know us Scots, do they??

However, I already had a major tour in place for February/March next year - 12 theatres and, isn’t it amazing, as soon as people know that you are able to work again they come out of the “woodwork” and now two more theatres want to join the tour.  I am thinking that through carefully as I’d allowed myself some time off from working during the tour - a day off here and there - but I’d be silly not to at least consider the offers for, after not being allowed to work for about fifteen months - the bank balance is now at an all-time low!

Another promoter has asked me to do at least five more gigs - one on 28th March.  I said OK, it’s only a 15-minute Guest Star spot plus two other shows at the Cities of Lismore and Casino in Northern New South Wales (same Guest Star spot).  I’ve never played these venues before and I do enjoy the challenge!  The promoter is working on another TWO theatres and, if all is well, I’d do them too!  

Well, that’s it for now really, but must let you know that I had to cancel by Guest shots on Television’s “Theatre Royal” shows - best not to do TV if you’re not completely “on the ball”.  However, I’ve promised to do the next series next year!

Hope you found this of some interest this time around - it will not be too long until I get the next one off to the lovely Linda - promise!!!  Thanks for reading this everbody - Chookas!