It seems like yesterday at the Doncaster Theatre Restaurant when Billy would sing “The Song of the Clyde” to me for my birthday and other special occasions.  I also remember so clearly Billy singing “Jean” while Ren and Sorita did a wonderful dance routine next to him.  We had some good parties with Billy and John and the troupes, Ovi & Rita, Larry Burns & Sally Ann and Moira Briody.  I made Billy and John satin shirts. Billy's was yellow and John's was a dark lilac colour.  I thought I would attach the photo in his memory.  On the right is my husband Robert Ratcliffe.


I knew Billy Raymond for over forty years and I first met him in Sydney around 1969, but prior to that we had just missed meeting each other in the early 60s, as we both had worked in shows at Grampian Television in Aberdeen.

Then, in the early 70s when we met up again in Sydney, Billy asked me to join his Scottish Show, and for many years I toured and appeared with him and the cast and had so many enjoyable shows throughout Australia.  Billy’s infectious, cheeky personality always had me laughing at his famous stories. Which were usually all about the business we were both in.  Even when Billy left Sydney for Queensland, I always kept in touch with him, and was always interested in what he was up to and his latest project.

Later down the Track, Billy asked me to join some of his Queensland Theatre shows up there, and it was great to be working with him once again.  One memorable show was a New Year’s Eve show at the Gold Coast Arts Centre.

Then, in 2012, Billy asked me if I would be interested in working with him again in 2013 with a show called “A Tribute to the Tartan”.  Well, the tour turned into a two-week tour with 14 shows.  Billy said it was his farewell tour, and when I saw him after so many years I realised why.  The show itself ended up being a two-man show with Billy and I, which I enjoyed so much.  We performed to capacity sold-out shows, with the help of our great Tour Manager Graeme Crouch.  Billy, the true professional, got through the whole tour but was completely exhausted